I created an animation to market Budgie and to show of a few of its many features. I created this animation in the software, Adobe After Effects. After having trouble with my illustrator files being non PDF compatible, I could not import them straight into After Effects and therefore had to go back and re-save them making sure I had the tick box checked.

For the audio I looked on YouTube’s Audio Library and picked a piece of royalty free music that I felt best fit my idea and theme. The music is called ‘It was a great Summer’ by Otis McDonald.

Adobe XD File

Here is the link to the Semi-functioning Adobe XD file. I imported the finished graphics from Adobe illustrator into Adobe XD and used the utilities from the IOS utilities kit. I did this to add the Wi-Fi, time and charge percentage to all of the screens to replicate the professional qualities of an IPhone application.

As I had imported the exported graphics straight from Adobe illustrator, I could not use the buttons as I would have liked as they were not individual objects. The way I got around this problem was I created transparent objects that sit over where the interactable buttons should be on the IPhone. I then linked the transparent buttons to the right page and even made the symbol the back button to take the user back to the previous page.

Here is a print screen to show the links from all of the individual buttons to their separate pages.

screens XD print screen

As you can see, the initial sign in screen takes the user to the menu page where they are given a selection of buttons. The first button is the account button that will take the user to their own personal I.D page and how much they have personally saved over the month, or year. The £ button will take the user to their income page, mimicking any bank page, showing the user how much they have coming in and how much of the budget they have left. The next button would be taking the user to their bank account and bank account lists. The user can have more than one functioning at a time and can specifically switch between them.


For this part of the project, I took inspiration from YoYo Wallet and how they set up their screens and design throughout the whole of the application. I used the colour scheme I had originally chosen and the logo that I thought would represent the project most professionally and uniquely. I made 6 screens in total, I had originally wanted to create 7 screens but found that one of the screens was irrelevant and I could combine the two features of the two screens together. The other screen I cut out was the deals screen, that took heavy inspiration from YoYo wallet, as I thought that this would be a good idea, but I changed it and put it in with the apple pay and wallet screen.

Sign in screen

Menu screen

i.d screen

income screen

Bank account links screen

Wallet screen



Week 10

For the week 10 weekly workshop we had individual time with our tutor that allowed us to ask questions and solve problems that I could not solve with just peer feedback. I asked my tutor about the problem I was facing with my Logo colour scheme and how I could solve it. The problem I was facing was that the logos I had created were all very simplistic but the first two fit the flat green colour scheme that related to the topic of budgies and money, the third colour scheme on the other hand was a complete variable and was purple and white. Although this was totally unrelated to the topic of money, my primary research found that the target audience preferred it over the other two.

After talking to my tutor he said why not try getting rid of the outlines of the budgie in the middle of the logo and simplifying it further. He also mentioned flipping the clashing yellow outline of the budgie with the background, so that the bird stands out a lot more. Here are the logos without the outlines. I personally think the first logo is now much more preferable than the other two colour schemes. The only problem with this first image would be attempting to fit the screens of the application around the yellow background.

Logos removed outline

I think this idea of the logo is smoother and makes the colours clash a lot less. They also look more professional than the other ones, the only problem with the yellow background is that it is quite vibrant.

Week 9

Throughout the Week 9 workshop Iooked at my colour schemes and the design of my logo, I also thought about the different ways in which I could get my idea across for evaluation and primary research. With the help of Week 8’s InDesign workshop I thought about creating a website for my final submission and including text files that I can create in InDesign. I thought about different stylistic approaches to creating a professional website and how I can get the theme from my application screens over to my fake website. I thought about using Photoshop to create a graphic to go on my website and use either a spark page, dreamweaver or to create a webpage. After talking with my tutor I found out that I could also use Adobe Muse.