Week 10

For the week 10 weekly workshop we had individual time with our tutor that allowed us to ask questions and solve problems that I could not solve with just peer feedback. I asked my tutor about the problem I was facing with my Logo colour scheme and how I could solve it. The problem I was facing was that the logos I had created were all very simplistic but the first two fit the flat green colour scheme that related to the topic of budgies and money, the third colour scheme on the other hand was a complete variable and was purple and white. Although this was totally unrelated to the topic of money, my primary research found that the target audience preferred it over the other two.

After talking to my tutor he said why not try getting rid of the outlines of the budgie in the middle of the logo and simplifying it further. He also mentioned flipping the clashing yellow outline of the budgie with the background, so that the bird stands out a lot more. Here are the logos without the outlines. I personally think the first logo is now much more preferable than the other two colour schemes. The only problem with this first image would be attempting to fit the screens of the application around the yellow background.

Logos removed outline

I think this idea of the logo is smoother and makes the colours clash a lot less. They also look more professional than the other ones, the only problem with the yellow background is that it is quite vibrant.

Week 9

Throughout the Week 9 workshop Iooked at my colour schemes and the design of my logo, I also thought about the different ways in which I could get my idea across for evaluation and primary research. With the help of Week 8’s InDesign workshop I thought about creating a website for my final submission and including text files that I can create in InDesign. I thought about different stylistic approaches to creating a professional website and how I can get the theme from my application screens over to my fake website. I thought about using Photoshop to create a graphic to go on my website and use either a spark page, dreamweaver or wix.com to create a webpage. After talking with my tutor I found out that I could also use Adobe Muse.

Primary Research

To get the most out of my idea and to see what me target audience would want I thought it would be best if I was to carry out my Primary Research through the social media website Facebook. I firstly uploaded my logos and asked the public what colour scheme was best out of the three.

Logo Primary research

I had 5 Votes for the first green and yellow colour scheme.

14 votes for the second lighter, more washed out colour scheme.

And the remaining 30 votes for the purple variant.

I then uploaded a second status with the link of the survey I had created on SurveyMonkey.com.


Survey facebook post

I included 7 questions that I thought were important to my research.

Here were the responses I got.




Q1 responses






Q7 responses

Logo creation and fitting the colour scheme


I created these logos following the colour scheme that I wanted for my application in Adobe Illustrator. With a copious amount of help from my peers, I decided to go for this logo instead of the first logo created in my drawings on paper. I created this one digitally, instead of the other initial idea, because I felt that this idea was simple enough to not confuse the audience but creative enough to project the idea of ease of use and a fun interactive element over to the audience.

Although a Budgie does not correlate with budgeting and handling money, it is a popular mainstream marketing technique to use small worded slogans and fun and creative logos. An example of this would be the buying and selling app ‘Shpock’. Shpock is a made up word but somehow they have marketed it into a fully functioning application where hundreds and thousands are using it daily to buy new items or sell unwanted gifts.

I used Adobe Capture mobile app to take a picture of my initial drawing on paper and then scan it in to Adobe Bridge in which I could place it straight into an illustrator file and trace around on a new layer using the pen tool. I chose the flat colours because I wanted to keep the logo creative without making it seem boring but wanted to keep it to a professional standard. The first colour scheme was the more favoured one as it used the widest range of colour that mostly symbolised the Budgie animal, whereas on the other side of the spectrum the purples and more violet colours were a variant just to test out what worked and what did not. The middle colour scheme seemed like the stroke of the lines seem to wash away into the background of the circular logo and this may be harder to see when on a smaller mobile interface.

Colour Scheme Ideas

https://color.adobe.com/Emerald-color-theme-2268799/?showPublished=trueScreen Shot 2017-03-02 at 11.31.00

Whilst searching through Adobe Color and Google images, I was looking specifically for greens and flat greens. I used Adobe Color to help me find other groups of colours that worked well professionally with the flat colour green.

This is a colour scheme that I liked and it uses colours that complement each other around ‘Emerald’. Through some thorough research, I found that I would want two shades of the colour green that complement each other, whereas my peers though that I should implement a more yellowish kind of green, to mimic the colour of a budgie. I found that this colour spectrum has a wide range of greens, from turquoise to a more yellowy green. If I was to use this for my application logo I would use the darker colours at the back but leave the lighter colours at the front.


Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 10.32.34

I like the looks of these colours as it replicates the colours of the exercise chain PureGym. The flat green colour, almost turquoise, complements the white colours and as the green gets lighter it would allow the page to have different shades of colour making the background and the individual items/buttons not seem plain and boring. The white would be a good colour for the text or stroke lines for the logo, but I am not sure if it would show up entirely and this would be a problem as this would be scaled down to either an iPad or most likely a iPhone. I asked my peers and they said that this colour scheme does not represent budgies enough and the first colour scheme is better.


Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 10.52.55

This is a different colour scheme altogether just to vary and see if this is acceptable. I will create the logo in all of these different colours and I will put them up on Facebook for my friends to vote which ever one they find the most aesthetically pleasing.  These colours are just alternates to the green colour scheme as a variant and I was fixated on the white writing on the violet background but I don’t want the application to seem too childish as it needs to fit to my intended target audience.



Yoyo wallet uses Pinks and white for it’s colour scheme. This is simple and effective, there is always the discussion that pink is more of a feminine colour but it seems to work brilliantly for it’s users. The white stands out from the pink and they complement each other, although the Pink is very vibrant.